Humanities (History)

Immigration in the past and present

50 minutes
Remarks and other resource requirements (if any):
10 Macbooks
Equipment / Remarks
10 minutes
Introduction - Teacher will go through an explanation on the following: ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors of immigration.

15 minutes
Using Today’s Meet, students will input what they perceive to be some of the possible causes of immigration in Singapore during the 19th Century.

Teacher will ask students to consider and subsequently share in pairs, about the current immigration trends in Singapore. The frame of reference here will be the terms ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors, as mentioned in the introduction.

Essential Question: “What are some of the similarities in terms of the reasons why people want to come to Singapore between the past and present? How different are these similarities?”

15 minutes
(Using the earlier inputs on the Today’sMeet) Teacher will present students’ responses on the perceived causes of immigration in the 19th  Century, on Students are to identify the key words/phrases which are most threaded.


10 minutes
Closure: Students will post on their thoughts on the following thesis – “Singapore needs to reduce the number of foreigners in its population.” Do you agree with the above statement? Explain your stand, based on the class discussion today.

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