Moon Jump

50 minutes
Remarks and other resource requirements (if any):
In total, there will be 6 student helpers or more manning 6 stations in the Physics Lab 1.

There will be about 20 Pri 6 students. This is about 3 to 4 students per table.
Equipment / Remarks
50 minutes

The Lesson is 50 minutes and it will be on kinematics using the Logger Pro 3 and the High Speed Camera.
During these 50 minutes, I will have the following arrangements:
(a) Learning how to do Video Motion Analysis
(b) Take high speed videos using High Speed Camera
(c) Analyse the Moon Jump using prepared video
(d) Analyse the Earth Jump using (b)

1 x High Speed Camera, available in Science department.

1 x High Speed camera provided by Hoe Teck.

As there is a limit of 2 x High Speed camera, we will have a rotation shift.

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